Bob Keefe   Private Guitar Lessons

If you are a beginning student or a more advanced student or a even guitar student whose skills fall
beteween those two categories, you have landed on the right website!

Bob Keefe has taught guitar for over four decades and teaches all styles and all levels of guitar.
Classically trained, Bob holds a Masters and PhD in Music from the University of North Texas,
one of the best music schools in the United States.

For the past twenty-one years, Bob has maintained an active guitar studio of about 38 students a week.
He currently teaches at Hickey's Music in Ithaca, New York and is an adjunct guitar insturctor at
Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), and Tompkins Cortland Community College (Dryden, NY).
He also teaches out of his home studio in Lansing.

Bob is an active performer in jazz and rock bands and his performance history
goes back over four decades.  He performs regularly with the Backtalk Band
and with his new band Bob Keefe and the Surf Renegades.

Private Lesson Rates:

30 minutes: $25.00

45 minutes: $37.00

60 minutes: $50.00
Lessons are one-on-one and are once a week.
Lessons are always geared toward the student's ability
and I structure the lessons so they are always fun.

Lessons are available for young children and adults.
I teach all styles and all levels of jazz, rock, blues, folk, and classical.
Parents of younger guitar students are encouraged to sit in on the lesson and
observe their child's progess.

Depending on your level of ability, all lessons will include:

Learning chords and triads and how they work together to make songs
Learning how to read music
Learning how to figure out songs
Learning how to improvise

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